Why Caledonia?

Whether you grew up in Caledonia, moved to the area recently, or visited over the years, you are probably aware there are many reasons to start or expand a business in the City. Caledonia is a city for all seasons, the county seat of Houston County, and gateway to bluff country. With its great location and affordable cost of living Caledonia is a wonderful place to do business, raise a family, and enjoy many activities all year round.

Caledonia a City for All Seasons 

On a warm summer night in Caledonia you can hear music in the park while walking down Main Street. Stop at one of the local shops for some ice cream. Families are swimming in the City pool and others are watching a summer rec ball game at the nearby field.

Fast-forward to fall. Hot air balloons are seen drifting over the City. People are taking barn quilt tours in the countryside and looking at the beautiful fall foliage. Drop by the farmer’s market for locally grown produce. Attend a Friday night football game and watch the state champion Warrior football team.

While ice skating in the winter the buzz of snowmobiles can be heard. Grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee after and view local artwork. Children are sledding, making snowmen, and snowshoeing. On Kingston Street a shopper carries three neatly wrapped packages from the gift shops.

In the early spring at a local restaurant a turkey hunter shares the story of his hunt with a trout fisherman. Before going antiquing get inspired by going to the Houston County Historical Society Museum near the fairgrounds in town. Bikers, golfers, and nature lovers fill the area. Farmers surrounding the City are busy putting crops in the fields.

Caledonia is busy all year round with a variety of outdoor activities, festivals, traditions, and community activities for residents and visitors alike making it a city for all seasons. 

Caledonia is proud to be the county seat of Houston County. For more information on the County’s demographics, major industries, education, direct routes, transportation and more click the link below.

Houston County Information